Website Audits & Strategy Consulting


How can you grow your business, if you don’t know what’s currently holding it back?

This an issue I see time and time again.

The problem is us freelancers and solo entrepreneurs are generally so busy, that we don’t take the time to really understand our business and what we really need to be doing to help it flourish.

You know the story – you’ve got all those blog posts to write, that new sales page or product launch to prepare, and several billion other marketing, website and admin tasks to get through each day, and all you can really do is keep ploughing through everything and keeping your fingers crossed that something will work.

Now that you think about it, “fingers crossed” might not be your best business strategy. But what else are you meant to do?

The answer’s simple: you need a website audit. Which I promise is nowhere near as boring as it sounds.


Simply put, I look at all the areas of your website and marketing strategies that are key to your business’ growth and overall success. Things like:

  • are your current marketing tactics really helping to grow your business?

  • where are your “problem pages” on your website, and how can we fix them?

  • how is your SEO performance looking, and what can we do to improve it?

  • is your website copy engaging your visitors, or sending them to sleep?

I also look at a bunch of other factors, like your website’s mobile friendliness and ease of use in general. I even take your overall design into consideration, making sure your typography, layout and images all enhance your content, rather than making it harder to absorb through illegible fonts and poor quality images.

Basically, I look at everything that could be holding you back, and give you the action steps you need to improve them.

Google Analytics Made Easy

Are you setting up a new website for your creative business? Do you have an existing website that isn’t working for you anymore? Maybe you want to get more out of your marketing campaigns? Then taking a good, hard look at your data is going to save you a lot of time, money, and tearing of hair.

Did I mention I love data?

However much I love data, I understand it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – raw data, spreadsheets, dashboards and bounce rates can be confusing and easy to ignore in favour of the fun stuff – running the business you love. But you could be missing a trick (or five.) Let me loose on your data and I’ll crunch it down and come back with useful, practical insights and advice that will improve the performance of your website and generate more sales for your business now and in the future.

Knowledge is power

In the right hands – mine, for instance – Google Analytics is a powerful tool and a wonderful resource. I prepare tailor-made packages that make it easy and accessible – whatever your level of nerdiness, however simple or complex your needs. If you need a full site audit or a simple tracking set up, I’m here to help.

For example, if your website doesn’t generate sales, it’s still crucial to know that it’s performing well for your business, but how do you measure success? Visitor engagement may seem intangible, but with the right tools it really isn’t! And for those of you with e-commerce sites, you may know where your site visitors are coming from, but do you know which of those platforms are generating the most sales? And for every small business out there, how many visitors and sales are you losing because your website doesn’t work well on mobiles and tablets?

Starting with a one-on-one tutorial, I’ll help you access and understand the data that’s most important and useful to your business.


Here’s a quick snapshot of the Google Analytics consultation services I offer;

  • Data collection and tracking set up
  • Spam filter set up
  • Automated email reporting
  • Custom dashboard set up
  • Search console integration
  • Adwords integration
  • Full site and marketing audit
  • Personalised tutorials