Web Design for Creative Freelancers

Get back to doing what you love, and let me take care of your website. I'll build you a beautiful portfolio site to display your work and wow prospective clients; complete with smart custom forms to make finding new work a breeze.

Guide Pricing & Timelines:

€1,000 – €2,000
4 – 6 weeks

You need a website that supports your business.

Running your own business is tough. Believe me, I know.

And it gets a lot tougher when you’re constantly struggling with your website. Like when you have a site that’s so complicated you spend days trying to update it.

Or when you have a website that never looks quite right, so you keep on and on tinkering with the design, and never quite getting to round to promoting it.

Or perhaps you’ve hit the final hurdle – the design looks good, you’ve set up all your pages, and yet no one seems to be clicking that “Hire Me” button, and you’re not even sure why.

Let me help you.

Well over a decade ago, I had just graduated with a degree in photography, and was freelancing as a fashion photographer. I spent forever trying to build a website so I could advertise my business. So long in fact, that I eventually turned it into my new career.

But I'm guessing you're here because you don't want to do that.

So why not let me solve your website worries, by designing and building your new business site on Squarespace.

Why Squarespace?

I'm a web designer, and I love to code, but I built this site on Squarespace. That's because its simple drag and drop interface makes it so quick and easy to update, so I can spend my time coding your sites – not mine.

It's that ease of use which is why I think you'll love it too. Why not learn more about how this web design process works?