My Top Image Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

If you read last week's website audit post, you've no doubt been viewing your website and social media platforms through more critical eyes recently, and sighing at the thought of how much work they need. But of all the elements that make up a great looking brand style, possibly the easiest and also the most noticeable thing you can change are your images. So today I thought I’d share some of my top image resources for busy entrepreneurs, from quality free stock photo libraries (yes, really!) to banner designs. Let’s dive straight in, shall we?


Yeah I know, you’ve probably heard of Canva already, but I couldn’t NOT mention the absolute easiest way to design banners for your website and social media. With thousands of professional layouts ready for to use you to use, you simply drag and drop your images and text into one of their templates and poof! (Almost) instant banner design.


By far the quickest way I’ve found to create beautiful image collages, PicMonkey is ideal for you Pinterest and Instagram users. Choose the style of collage you want, then drag and drop your images into place – it is literally that easy. Some of the templates are available in PicMonkey’s paid version only, but the free version still gives you plenty of options.

Station Seven & White Hart Design Co.

Two of my favourite finds on Creative Market. Station Seven sells beautifully styled banner templates for social media, along with matching Wordpress themes, while White Hart focuses on elegant and minimal desktop mockups - perfect for creative freelancers in need of images to accompany their blog posts.

Pexels & StockSnap

My two favourite free image libraries. Both contain really great, high-quality images (and as a former photographer, I’m more prone than most to be critical about this!) and are updated regularly. Bookmark them now, you’ll thank me later.


I love this tool! When you come across a webpage with a whole bunch of images you want to pin, just enter the URL into PinThemAll, and it will generate a perfectly optimized image collage you can save.

And finally…

For those of you who, like me, blog a lot about online business related topics, I’ve started a new Pinterest board, where I save high-quality workplace images I can use in my posts. Just click on any image to be taken to the high-quality original for downloading. You’re welcome!