Welcome to the new EmmaEnglishby.com

As you might have noticed, this website has had a dramatic makeover recently! But the design merely reflects the larger adjustments I’ve been making to my business – here’s what’s changed and why.

I’m focusing on ecommerce web design and development

Since I became a Shopify Expert, a lot more people have been visiting my site and enquiring about hiring me. One thing that immediately became clear is that I was offering too many different services.

So I’ve redesigned the site to focus on what I do best: building beautiful and strategic ecommerce stores for solo entrepreneurs.

I’m emphasising strategic web design

My previous branding was very artistic and flowing, emphasising my design skills and creativity. What it missed completely though, was my analytical, problem-solving approach to web design.

I don’t just make nice-looking websites. I make websites that are carefully designed to help you sell online, with features like strategic contact forms and easy to understand checkout processes.

That’s why my new branding is much bolder and simpler,  because there’s nothing wishy-washy about my design process, and I wanted my site to reflect that.

I’m running more events

Last week I was co-hosting a workshop here in Berlin – How to Sell More With Your Website. I’m also co-organiser of Berlin’s Shopify meetups (our next event is on September 19th) – all of this means that my work schedule is pretty jam-packed at all times.

That’s why I’ve made the biggest change of all to my website: moving it from Wordpress to Squarespace. It’s saving me a huge amount of time on website updates already – time I can happily spend getting involved in Berlin’s entrepreneurial community.

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