Data & Design

This is my new website, and I hope you enjoy it! I'll be using this space to share everything I love about data and design, but for my first post here I thought I'd share some general reflections on being a creative freelancer, and why I choose to work the way I do.

Some of you observant types may have noticed I used to run a full web solutions agency at White Oak Web. And some of you online business types may have noticed I said "used to" and are probably wondering why? After all, isn't the usual trend to go from freelancer to agency, not the other way around?

The thing is, I love being creative. I love the rush I get working with other creative entrepreneurs - throwing our ideas together and building something great. But I'm also analytical and organised (seriously, my husband just had to ask me to stop raving about that new productivity tool I found) and I'm the self-proclaimed Queen of the Inbox. I slowly realised I was being asked to take on more and more work for my clients and managing other freelancers, and of course I'd always say yes because I do love organisation, but then I woke up one morning and realised…

What about my work?

What happened to all the data and design? Because, as strange as this is going to sound to a lot of you, I have so. much. fun. with Google Analytics. I'll dive into that data, fill my brain with numbers and statistics, and then things get really exciting (ok, ok - I know I may be losing some of you, but bear with me). I can actually use those numbers to inform my design work - to make sure visitors won't be leaving my clients websites because they don't like the look, or can't find what they are looking for.

It's that combination of data and design that truly excites me, that has me working twelve hour days because I just didn't notice the time passing, and much as I enjoy organisation, I don't believe there is anyone out there who can claim admin gives them that same rush. (Although if you do exist, get in touch, I feel like we'd enjoy sharing notes on productivity tools and then I won't need to annoy my husband so much.)

So this is me, back doing what I love. And if Google Analytics just confuses (and slightly scares) you, or if you feel like you're spending waaaay too much time on your website when all you really want to do is focus on your business, then why not get in touch? Then we can both do the things we really enjoy.