Free Stock Photos: Women In Business

It's weird isn't it? The challenges we face in business are never what we thought they were going to be.

Like sourcing stock photos - I think almost every creative business owner by this stage is aware that social media posts with high quality images have a tendency to perform MUCH better than those without.

The challenge is that "high quality" part – there's plenty of stock photo libraries out there, but unfortunately with all the expenses us solo entrepreneurs already have to deal with, shelling out a further 50 or so bucks a month on professional stock photo libraries just isn't realistic.

Especially when all you're looking for is an image to jazz up that blogpost of yours.

That's why I've decided to start creating these image rounds ups for you – each month I'll pick a theme and share as many high quality (and more importantly FREE) stock photos you can use in your business.

This month’s theme is creative women in business.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for in my collection? Check out CreativeMarket - they have a great selection of fonts, templates, and stock images (with no ongoing subscription fees!) for us creative entrepreneurs. Plus with six design freebies a week, you have literally nothing to lose by signing up!