Free Stock Photos: Screens and Workspaces

Every month, I do a roundup of high-quality free stock photos on a variety of themes – fashion, sport, and food and drink being just a few previous examples.

This month, I’m focusing on free, styled desktop and workspace images that you can use to pretty up your website banners and blog posts. These kinds of images are perfect for us freelancers, whether you’re a copywriter, web designer, virtual assistant, or graphic designer. In fact, you may notice I’ve used quite a lot of these images in my own posts and site design!

Don’t forget, when using stock photos like these, it’s a good idea to customise them a little so they fit your brand and don’t appear too generic. You’ll notice I use overlays and text for most of my images to give them a more consistent feel, and you can find other ideas for personalising your stock photos here.

Plus of course, when you really want to stand out, you can always bolster your collection of free stock photos with a few paid ones, like these stunning styled desktop scenes from Creative Market.