My Top Five Shopify Themes

My love of Shopify is no secret – I've built countless client stores on this great ecommerce platform over the past few years, and it's been a pleasure watching their businesses grow and flourish.

A lot of clients come to me when they are just getting started in business, and quite often just don't have the budget to spend thousands on a fully custom website. Happily, with Shopify, they don't need to – I just show them some of the beautiful designs Shopify already has available, we make a few coding tweaks to customize it for their business, and boom! A unique, beautiful website at a fraction of the cost they would otherwise have had to spend. Seriously, just check out these five stunning themes...

01. Brooklyn – Responsive Shopify Theme, FREE

Yeah, you read that right, Brooklyn is beautiful, professional, and 100% free – you can just sign up with Shopify, install it on your website right away, and you're ready to start to selling. As with all the themes on this list, Brooklyn is fully mobile responsive, and makes it easy for you to customise colors, fonts and images to suit your brand. With an emphasis on large product images, Brooklyn is best suited to fashion, homeware, and art and design brands. Test out the theme in your store here.

02. Palo Alto – Responsive Shopify Theme, $150

With large images, video banners, and stunning editorial style homepage design, Palo Alto is a fantastic choice for brands with a story to share. Perhaps you're a heritage brand with a rich history behind it, or maybe you're a brand new boutique with unique products that can't be found anywhere else. Either way, Palo Alto makes it easy to inform and inspire your customers with three different styles, right out of the box.

03. Retina – Responsive Shopify Theme, $160

Out of the Sandbox are known for producing simply stunning Shopify themes, and their award winning Retina theme is no different. Expertly crafted, with four beautifully designed template styles and a vast array of features including built in Mailchimp support, your website will look a million dollars – a must have if you sell premium products. Click here to view the demo or purchase the theme.

04. Pipeline – Responsive Shopify Theme, $140

If I had to choose a design favourite from this list, it would be Pipeline. They keep flashy design elements to a minimum, allowing the images to do all the talking – they even have a gorgeous Instagram feed built into the homepage, making it easy for you to integrate your social media into your website, and provide customers with a way to keep in touch with your brand. Naturally, Pipeline is best suited to more visual brands, but with two predefined styles and a range of theme options you can pretty much customise this theme however you want.

05. Minimal – Responsive Shopify Theme, FREE

Not everybody requires a big, visually show-stopping design for their website. Some brands sell more practical, less aesthetic products, and others simply may not have the budget to invest in the kind of hi-resolution product and banner imagery that really completes the other Shopify themes above. That's where Minimal comes in – another free theme from Shopify with an emphasis on simplicity. No fuss, no distractions, just your products front and centre in a clean, user friendly design.