Squarespace Templates: My Top 5 Ecommerce Themes

If you're thinking of adding an online store to your Squarespace site, make sure you're using a template that's optimised for ecommerce.

I wrote last week about why I moved my own website over to Squarespace, but one major point I didn’t mention, was that it integrates seamlessly with the other platform I specialise in – Shopify.

I’m not going to start into my reasons for loving Shopify yet again, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with the platform, it’s an excellent, user-friendly ecommerce platform. So user-friendly in fact, that Squarespace integrated it into their own platform as their default ecommerce engine.

This makes Squarespace ideal for small business owners who might sell online as more of an additional revenue generator than their main business – for example, a food blogger who also sells cookbooks; or a musician needing to promote events, but also sell merchandise through their site.

That’s why this week, I thought I’d round up some of my favourite (and free!) ecommerce themes for Squarespace websites. Keep in mind that all of these themes can be used whether or not you plan on integrating a store into your website, but they do have some special extra ecommerce features that other templates might not have.

01. Galapagos

The lovely thing about Galapagos is its flexibility – the template design is very minimal, making it suitable for wide variety of brands. Just add your own colors, fonts and images and you’re good to go!

02. Fairfield

When it’s time to go big, or go home. Huge hero images, full frame video support and a stunning calendar design to showcase events or other dates, Fairfield is perfect for a wide ranges of websites; from recording labels, food bloggers, and more.

03. Marta

A grid based lookbook creates a super high end feel in this stunning template. Focused on fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands, Marta is perfect for brands with plenty of beautiful imagery to showcase.

04. Cacao

Help your products stand out from the crowd with this bold and beautiful Squarespace template. Full screen product previews combine with colorful background imagery to really wow your audience.

05. Hyde

Hyde combines gorgeous full frame product photography with stunning typographic design to create a high-end online storefront to showcase your products. Perfect for brands focused on quality and storytelling.