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Shopify Expert & Ecommerce Consultant | Berlin





We're two freelance web designers and developers who enjoy building on Shopify. 


Nicholas Kelly

Web Developer & Founder of Dreambridge Web Services


Emma Englishby

Web Designer & Strategy Consultant


Applications currently closed! We will be accepting new applications in early 2018, so please sign up to our mailing list below if you'd like to be kept informed. 

Starting your online retail business can be quite overwhelming. Using Shopify as your platform solves some problems, but there are still so, so many questions...

  • How do I set up my website and Facebook pixel?

  • How do I get my shipping shorted, and with who?

  • How do I register my business in Germany?

  • Where do I start with Google Analytics?

  • Facebook advertising? Help!

  • Google AdWords?  What?

It's easy to get buried in all those new questions.

So imagine if you had a buddy who was going through all these same questions at the same time as you? Both researching and solving problems then sharing what you have learned.

Someone who you could help with what you have found out, and who could help you in return with their own knowledge, simply because you are on the same journey together.

This is what we hope to create with the Berlin Shopify Meetup's "Merchants Buddy Programme". In our Meetup community we recognise that it can be a hard hill to climb alone to build your business, and that many of the professional services offered are just out of your budget for now.

So we wanted to create a programme where we can buddy you with another Shopify Merchant who is in the same position as you. Maybe one of you is ahead of the game on Facebook advertising and can help the other? Maybe the other is already well-researched in Shipping solutions and can return the support?

This is the concept that we would like to bring into our Berlin Shopify Meetup community. If you apply, we will work to pair you up with someone who can be a good buddy to you on this journey. Someone you can lean on and help out in equal measure.

Interested?  Just sign up to our mailing list below, and we’ll let you know once applications re-open.

This is a completely free service and is not attached to any company or product. It's a community-based initiative from the members of Berlin Shopify MeetUp.



Web designer, app developer, agency, or store owner – if you have an interest in learning more about Shopify, you're welcome!

Join our Facebook or Meetup groups, if you'd like to pitch a topic for future Meetups or have any questions you'd like to ask the Berlin Shopify community.

You can also follow Emma and Nick on Twitter, or sign up to our mailing list using the form on the right if you'd like to be kept up to date about future events.

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